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TECNOPHARMA SRL is an agile European company, registered under the
Italian jurisdiction, with headquarters in the city of Genoa.

It is an enterprise oriented towards the research of new
methods to preserve and recover patients’ health. It also deals with the
development of drugs, in innovative and more functional pharmaceutical
ways, in order to guarantee greater quality with less waste. It produces
and markets drugs both as a “brand” and as an “International Common
Denomination” (ICD), also known as “drugs with generic formula”.
These aim at reaching and guaranteeing the right to health to the highest
possible number of patients by harmonizing at best their scientific discoveries.

Tecnopharma is aware of the natural interdependence of interests that can be economic,
social and environmental. During its protracted company activities, it pursues health protection, as well as relief from suffering without ethically compromising its awareness of solidarity.

Day in day out, this is Tecnopharma’s contribution towards the improvement in the quality of patients’ life all over the world. Development becomes sustainable only when it “satisfies the present needs without compromising the possibility for future generations to satisfy theirs”.

1^ Division

Production, marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical products,
of medical-surgical and food aids.
Research, development and registration of new specific remedies and new forms of patent medicines. Acquisition and concession of licences, patents, authorization to introduce on the market (A.I.C. – Autorizzazione di Immissione in Commercio)
Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products for the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and food industry.
Not only drugs.

2^ Division

Clinical engineering, building and consultancy for hospitals, health centres, laboratories, medical and paramedical infrastructures.



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